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  • Lift height of 98 1/4". Dual chain lift.
  • Includes two, 12 volt, 187 AH, sealed batteries and a separate UL approved charger.
  • Power propulsion system takes the effort out of moving heavy loads. Also provides easy steering.
  • Fingertip control provides variable forward and reverse speeds.
  • Automatic safety stop on top of control post. Unit shuts down when safety stop comes into contact with an obstacle.
  • Load wheels, steering wheel and drive wheel are all moldon polyurethane.
  • Adjustable forks.
  • 6 month warranty on parts only.
  • Cannot be used with pallets; only skids without bottom slats.
Unit of Measure


Part Number

N/A 272943


N/A EKS-10


N/A 2200 lb

Width Forks

N/A 5"

Length Forks

N/A 35.25"

Load Center

N/A 17.5"

Overall Width

N/A 35"

Overall Height

N/A 70" to 117.5"

Overall Depth

N/A 64"


N/A 826 lb


N/A (2) 12 V 187 Ah

Adjustable Outside Fork Spread

N/A 12" to 29"

Lowered Fork Height in Standard Mode

N/A 2.6"

Raised Fork Height in Standard Mode

N/A 98.25"

Lowered Height of Mast

N/A 70"

Raised Height of Mast

N/A 117.5"