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  • Wesco® USA Made ratchets.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with auto rewind ratchet.
  • Model AAP-612 has double ratchet design for greater cargo security.
  • Model AVT-61 has four wheel kick-out design to support heavy loads and help reduce the strain of balancing the cargo over long distances.
  • 6" x 2" moldon rubber wheel, poly hub.
  • Noseplate: 24" W x 5" D.
Unit of Measure


Part Number

N/A 272411


N/A AAP-612


N/A 550 lb


N/A Auto Rewind

Wheel Type: Front

N/A 6" x 2" Moldon Rubber Poly Hub


N/A double 2 piece with clasp

Width Noseplate

N/A 24"

Depth Noseplate

N/A 5"

Overall Width

N/A 24"

Overall Height

N/A 61"

Overall Depth

N/A 12"


N/A 43 lb