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For bonding drums to each other, to containers being filled, and to racks. Three-footlong heavy duty wire rope with "C" clamp on one end and alligator clip on the other.

: OSHA requires that all drums and containers storing and receiving fluids with a FLASH POINT BELOW 140 degrees F be grounded and bonded. Single drums must be grounded, with containers being dispensed into bonded to the drum.
Multiple drums must be bonded to each other with one drum or the rack grounded. Wesco wires allow for meeting these important safety requirements.
Unit of Measure


Part Number

N/A 272031


N/A Non-Insulated


N/A .53 lb


N/A Wesco is unable to offer specific recommendations for chemical usage. Wesco recommends that if a question arises, the user contact the supplier of chemicals to determine if this product is compatible with those chemicals.