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Patented Gator Grip®:
Traditional devices require drum weight to maintain a positive lock. If a drum bounces during fork truck transportation, the drum may momentarily become weightless, which can cause the grip to snap open dropping the drum. The patented Auto Grip Lock automatically locks the jaws closed, even over rough terrain.
  • Fork truck fork attachment.
  • Picks up drums automatically, driver never leaves seat while lifting or releasing drums.
  • Handles steel, fiber and poly drums.
  • Gator Grip® made in USA.
  • Single and dual grip products available.
  • Economically priced.
  • Patented Gator Grip® No. 6,619,905
  • Note: OSHA requires contacting the manufacturer of your fork truck for written approval for the use of any fork truck attachments.
Unit of Measure


Part Number

N/A 240091




N/A 1000 lb

Fork Pocket ID

N/A 5.5" W. x 2" H.

Overall Width

N/A 28"

Overall Height

N/A 34"

Overall Depth

N/A 34"


N/A 125.5 lb

Made in the USA