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  • Three Models
    Uni - straight frame - accepts dolly option for 4-wheel support.
    Fold - upper handle angle can be adjusted. Best for copiers, safes, heavy motors or any short and heavy load which would require the user to pull the load back to a very low position. The adjustable angle position on the Fold model allows the user to stand upright when using the truck at a very low angle.
    Extended Fold - Same advantages as Fold but with an extra 7" in height and fold-out wheel carriage.
  • Innovative edge-of-step braking system - automatically applies brake when wheels are at edge of step. Helps prevent loss of load control caused by accidental rolling down steps.
  • Brake can be shut off for use on level ground - prevents unwanted braking when moving over ground with an uneven surface.
  • Two operating modes: single step (ascend or descend button must be pressed after each step - ideal for maximum control), or continuous climb.
  • 24 V quick-change battery pack - sealed maintenance-free battery.
  • Battery, charger and 137" x 2" cargo belt included.
  • 21" W x 7.25" D noseplate. Additional sizes available, contact Wesco® Customer Service.
  • Two climbing speeds: 6 steps/min. or 10 steps/min.
  • Average number of steps with fully charged battery:
    440 lbs. of cargo - 220 steps
    550 lbs. of cargo - 190 steps
    725 lbs. of cargo - 120 steps.
  • Maximum stair height 8.25".
  • 1 year warranty on parts against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • 6 month warranty on battery.
Unit of Measure




Part Number

N/A 274100


N/A Universal


N/A 725 lb


N/A Single


N/A 2 piece with clasp - 137" x 2"

Width Noseplate

N/A 21"

Depth Noseplate

N/A 7.25"

Overall Width

N/A 22"

Overall Height

N/A 63" straight frame

Overall Depth

N/A 19"


N/A 96 lb

Power LiftKar Options

Power LiftKar Options

Power LiftKar Options